The clinical philosophy at Sage Health Management Solutions® (HMS) is simple: quality focused, patient-centered, and physician-directed.


Founded by Katherine Gray, PhD. in 1997, Sage HMS specializes in combining computerized provider order entry (CPOE) tools with evidence-based medical information to eliminate unnecessary diagnostic testing costs and improve care quality.


The design philosophy at Sage HMS is to deliver clinical knowledge and evidence-based decision support integrated into the EHR at the point of care. In addition to being highly scalable, flexible and secure, services are easy to use and implement.


Sage HMS licenses guidelines and criteria that are thoroughly vetted in a repeatable process: thorough literature search, content outline reviewed by a multi-disciplinary panel, subject to consensus approval, and then reviewed at least annually.




The Sage HMS vision is to deploy services via Web services or integrated into EHRs, beginning with radiology management and expanding into other specialties, to become a leading provider of healthcare information services for care management to providers, payers, and patients.


Sage HMS is committed to being the most valued source of objective clinical healthcare information services among providers, payers and patients as evidenced by its market share position.