iPro Healthcare and Sage HMS Put Evidence-Based Knowledge in the Hands of Referring Physician at Point of Patient Care

iPro Healthcare and Sage HMS have announced a new working relationship that promises to advance the efficient delivery of healthcare imagery. iProHealthcare will be integrating Sage HMS’s leading RadWise® Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution into its existing iOrder software solution.

iOrder is a web-based software solution that helps healthcare providers manage costs, increase productivity and drive sustainable growth and profitability. That objective will be greatly advanced by integrating the proven qualified clinical decision support mechanism (CDSM) and superior appropriate use criteria (AUC) that RadWise® delivers. RadWise has the exclusive license to use the CMS qualified physician led entity (qPLE) AUC from Sage Evidence-based Medical Practice Institute (SEMPI).

Denny Phillips, President of iPro Healthcare, elaborates:

"Our agreement with RadWise is exciting because it perfectly complements iOrder's design to put evidence-based knowledge into the hands of the referring physician at the point of patient care. Physicians can order with confidence and with full transparency to hospital scheduling. Results are routed directly back to their patient's record making their more informed choices easy and the results hassle-free."

By way of this integration, iPro Healthcare’s iOrder solution can immediately leverage the preferred mechanism that is qualified to provide evidence-based imaging recommendations that supports AUC for all eight current priority clinical areas fulfilling the requirements of CMS. IPro’s entire client base will benefit from a more complete and powerful SaaS offering. And as a SaaS offering, these additional capabilities can be rapidly deployed.

“We are pleased that iPro Healthcare saw the wisdom of choosing our RadWise solution to improve and enhance the capabilities of iOrder,” Katherine Gray,.  “This integration is an excellent example of how healthcare providers can rapidly become more efficient, while simultaneously always ensuring that such efficiencies always benefit the patient.”

Sage HMS is actively involved in more integration and partnership discussions. We are always looking for ways to put our superior technology and clinical data in the hands of more healthcare providers.