MedCurrent Partners with Sage HMS for Enhancing Diagnostic Imaging

Sage HMS and MedCurrent recently announced a new partnership where Sage HMS will license its CMS Priority Clinical Areas content to be integrated into the MedCurrent OrderWise® Clinical Decision Support (CDS) solution.

This partnership is happening because MedCurrent wants to expand its qualified provider-led entity (PLE) data sources through Sage Evidence-based Medicine & Practice Institute (SEMPI).

The move also adheres to the 2014 Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) where CDS providers can integrate data from multiple providers. By licensing the SEMPI data, the Orderwise® solution can provide the full set of Medicare requirements for appropriate use criteria (AUC) as required under 414.94(b) and (c) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) proposed rule for the priority clinical areas.

“The integration of the SEMPI data into our OrderWise solutions allows us to further guide referring clinicians through differential diagnoses and help them make the right imaging request for their patients,” said John Adziovsky, CEO, MedCurrent. “Ultimately, this partnership helps physicians to access more evidence-based decision support, which will enhance care quality and outcomes.”

“This partnership is a prime example of how a CDS solution can now take full advantage of integrating evidence-based guideline data from multiple sources, which is now possible under PAMA,” said Dr. Katherine Gray, President, Sage HMS. “We are pleased that MedCurrent saw how beneficial SEMPI data could be for their customers.”

SEMPI improves the field of knowledge in Evidence-based Medicine for clinical practice by understanding how scientific studies can be applied in clinical practice and what needs more study. SEMPI data powers Sage HMS’s industry leading RadWise® solution, a qualified CDSM providing EHR-integrated evidence-based, symptom driven recommendations. RadWise® improves healthcare by helping clinicians select the most appropriate imaging for their patients, while reducing unnecessary tests. Other providers are coming to Sage HMS to resell RadWise®, or like in this case license SEMPI data. We think that speaks volumes! Check back here soon for more announcements about our new partnerships and alliances