PODCAST: Sage HMS and Legacy of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Leadership

Following is the premier Sage HMS podcast series interview with Dr. Katherine Gray, President and Founder of Sage HMS, who shares her insights into her company’s role in pioneering the entire Clinical Decision Support (CDS) sector as we know it today – and much more.

Back in 1999, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published To Err Is Human, which examined a decade of research that showed how 17 percent of deaths in the United States were related to errors in the diagnostic process — exceeding even deaths from medication errors.

This report provided a critical turning point for Sage HMS to be the pioneer in CDS to leverage evidence-based data for yielding more significant results in terms of diagnostic imaging efforts that reduce the need for unnecessary tests and costs and enhance the quality of care.  

Fast-forward to today, and the RadWise solution from Sage HMS continues to pave the way for ensuring the right tests are being ordered. Last year, Sage HMS announced that its RadWise solution is now a CMS-qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (qCDSM) solution, which gives providers the ability to consult robust, evidence-based knowledge for diagnostic imaging and receive appropriate use criteria (AUC) recommendations to meet CMS regulations for claims payment.

In addition, following are other key highlights from this interview:

·       A high-level overview of Sage HMS. (:30)

·       The history of Sage HMS and how it was the first CDS provider. (2:00)

·       How the recent CMS ruling and how it benefits ordering doctors and the imaging facilities. (6:55)

·       More insights into the RadWise CMS accreditation. (9:13)

·       What the future holds for the CDS arena. (11:55)


If you would like more information about how Sage HMS can help your facility leveraging evidence-based knowledge for diagnostic imaging to meet the new CMS regulations, please contact us here.