RadWise® Now Part of Epic App Orchard

It’s now even easier for ordering professionals to leverage a qualified clinical decision support mechanism (qCDSM) for establishing requirements and processes. RadWise, which combines features of computer-provider order entry with evidence-based imaging Clinical Decision Support (CDS), is now available on Epic’s App Orchard.

To meet new Medicare requirements by 2020 and maximize reimbursement, medical professionals must use a tool for ordering imaging such as RadWise Clinical Decision Support Mechanism. Leading EHR vendor Epic has been offering the App Orchard since last year. It’s part of a more open approach to data interoperability based on APIs and creating platforms that third-party developers can use to build software and applications.

Now RadWise CDS support is just a click away. For Epic users, RadWise provides value by (1) Improved quality and appropriateness of the imaging with highly predictive results and (2) Increased user understanding of the evidence while practicing medicine.

“Ordering professionals will now be able to take advantage of advanced diagnostic imaging recommendations that provide patient-centered care founded on the latest evidence-based knowledge and specific symptoms for each patient,” said Dr. Katherine Gray, President, Sage HMS. “Joining Epic’s App Orchard is part of our ongoing effort to make RadWise available in whatever format is most convenient for care givers.”

Through RadWise Epic App Orchard users will now enjoy exclusive access to Sage Evidence-based Medicine & Practice Institute (SEMPI) evidence-based imaging Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) content, reference hyperlinks, radiation exposure estimated and reported values, as well as rich diagnostic code and procedure data with outcomes and findings analytics.

Better healthcare for patients with smartphone-like convenience for providers. That’s the kind of innovation that excites everyone here at Sage HMS!