Sage HMS Offers Comments to the ONC Proposed Information Blocking Rule

In the following Sage HMS podcast interview, Dr. Katherine Gray, President and Founder of Sage HMS, discusses how her organization is providing comments on the ONC’s proposed information blocking rule, as well as how Epic’s App Orchard is helping with breaking down today’s health data interoperability barriers.

According to the ONC, information blocking occurs when a person or entity – typically a health care provider, IT developer, or EHR vendor – knowingly and unreasonably interferes with the exchange and use of electronic health information. Along these lines, the ONC proposed rule on interoperability and information blocking was released earlier this year. It supports patient access to health information and health data exchange across providers, and the ONC is taking comments on this rule until June 3rd.

Sage HMS is currently providing comments to this rule, and is very supportive of these efforts to tackle today’s information blocking challenges. The company is also commenting on how third-party Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is necessary for providing proper evidence-based processes to ensure the appropriateness of all diagnostic orders. CDS will surely be expanding into different arenas as healthcare continues to face more sophisticated challenges. In addition, Epic’s App Orchard is the kind of broad and vendor-accessible tool that helps to tackle today’s health data interoperability challenges. In 2018, Sage HMS announced that RadWise, which facilitates appropriate radiology orders by combining features of computer-provider order entry with evidence-based imaging Clinical Decision Support (CDS).

Here are some other highlights from this podcast interview:

· More about Sage HMS and RadWise, a CMS qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (qCDSM) (:28)

· A high-level perspective on information blocking, and the proposed ONC rule. (3:08)

· More insights into the comments that the Sage HMS team is providing to the ONC. (4:00)

· How Sage HMS provided additional comments to the ONC about the value of CDS. (4:55)

· How the Epic App Orchard helps with regards to today’s interoperability challenges. (6:00)

· What the future holds when it comes to health data exchange. (7:25)

· How the age of smart phones will potentially force vendors to help bring the ONC’s vision to life. (8:30)

If you would like more information about how Sage HMS can help your facility leverage evidence-based knowledge for diagnostic imaging to meet the new CMS regulations, please contact us here.