Sage HMS and iPro Healthcare Announce Reseller Agreement

Sage HMS RadWise® CMS-Accredited Qualified Clinical Decision Support Solution to be Integrated Into iPro Healthcare’s iOrder Solution


Minneapolis, MN – February 6, 2018 –Sage Health Management Solutions, Inc., a healthcare information technology company focused on prescriptive and predictive analytics, announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with iPro Healthcare, a leading order improvement, physician satisfaction and revenue enhancement solution for hospitals, imaging centers, and large clinics.

The agreement allows iPro Healthcare to resell the SaaS-based version of Sage HMS RadWise®, a solution that facilitates appropriate radiology orders by combining features of computer-provider order entry with evidence-based imaging Clinical Decision Support (CDS), as part of its iOrder  order management solution. iOrder is a web-based software solution that assists hospital and imaging centers by validating the order to the needs of the facility while improving physician satisfaction and reimbursement.

RadWise® has been accredited as a qualified clinical decision support mechanism (qCDSM) for establishing requirements and processes as required under 42 CFR sections 414.94(g)(1) and 414.94(g)(2) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) proposed rule for calendar year 2018. In addition, RadWise has the exclusive license to use the CMS qualified physician led entity (qPLE) appropriate use criteria (AUC) from Sage Evidence-based Medical Practice Institute (SEMPI).

Thanks to this accreditation, iPro Healthcare’s iOrder medical ordering solution can now leverage the preferred mechanism that is qualified to provide evidence-based imaging recommendations that supports AUC for all eight current priority clinical areas fulfilling the requirements of CMS and providing tools to improve MACRA/MIPS scores leading to improved reimbursement.

"Our agreement with RadWise is exciting because it perfectly complements iOrder's design to put evidence-based knowledge into the hands of the referring physician at the point of patient care," said Denny Phillips, President of iPro Healthcare. "Physicians can order with confidence and with full transparency to hospital scheduling. Results are routed directly back to their patient's record making their more informed choices easy and the results hassle-free."

“We are pleased that iPro Healthcare has chosen to use our RadWise solution to further enhance the overall capabilities of iOrder,” said Dr. Katherine Gray, President, Sage HMS.  “This integration is a prime example of how complementary solutions can ultimately help ensure that the patient always wins in the end.”

About iPro Healthcare

iPro Healthcare is a leading  software solution provider for hospitals,  imaging centers and large clinics currently serving over  200 clients throughout the United States. We are Healthcare Integration Management Specialists. Since 1998, iPro has helped healthcare providers manage costs, increase productivity, and drive sustainable growth and profitability. More information about iPro Healthcare is available here.

About Sage HMS

Sage Health Management Solutions, Inc. (Sage HMS), a DSS Inc. company, is a healthcare information technology company focused on prescriptive and predictive analytics.  Sage HMS tools, specifically RadWise® imaging qualified CDSMprovides the most robust imaging clinical content and most user-friendly interface strategies to meet each customer’s needs, including stand-alone web portal and integrated EHR options with web services.