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Sign up today for one of four rounds of exclusive demos of our breakthrough CMS-qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (qCDSM), RadWise.

After the demo, you’ll enjoy a night out with friends at Topgolf, on us!

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This is EPIC.

During the demo, one of our experts will show you how RadWise integrates seamlessly with your existing Epic EHR, and delivers specific appropriate recommendations to ensure the first order is the right order.

RadWise provides educational resources for referring clinicians, and day one compliance with the upcoming CMS Clinical Decision Support Mandate. 

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When the Invitational ends, the real game begins.

Once you’ve completed your RadWise demo and a brief survey, we will send you a e-voucher for a night out with friends at your nearest Topgolf location. After a round of drinks, you and up to six friends can enjoy a private bay for up to two hours of golfing fun. You’ll also gain online membership to keep score, so at the end of the night, everyone will know who’s truly on top.  

Even if you’re not much of a golfer, there will be plenty of food, beverage, and entertainment options to have a great night at Topgolf.  

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