This summer Sage HMS will host four rounds of exclusive demos of our breakthrough CMS-qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (qCDSM), RadWise.

With RadWise qCDSM, you’ll protect your reimbursements with day one CMS compliance. But that’s just the beginning. RadWise offers referring physicians a simple and intuitive user experience, with all the tools to ensure the first order is the correct order.  

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Specific Appropriate Recommendation

Many leading qCDSMs provide multiple recommendations without guidance. RadWise provides the best specific appropriate recommendation, period. If a radiological study isn’t appropriate, or if there’s a superior alternative, RadWise will let you know, and explain why. 

Educational Resource

CMS recently found that up to 40% of imaging studies were ordered inappropriately. RadWise is loaded with clinical data and references that are easy for referring physicians to follow, for continual learning and process improvement. 

Day One CMS Compliance

By January 1, 2020 CMS will require all referring physicians to consult a qCDSM before ordering imaging. With RadWise you’ll stay ahead of the game, and ensure your reimbursements are protected. 


You will receive your official RadWise Invitational welcome package soon.

As the event approaches, sign up below and stay tuned to this page for updates and additional information, including details about a trip to Topgolf for you and 3 friends, on us. 

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